Uploading GeoTIFFs to GeoServer via REST

July 14, 2010 by alex

A while ago I wanted to be able to upload a GeoTIFF to GeoServer via their REST interface. The default way to do this is to send the GeoTIFF image in an HTTP PUT. In my case, the image was already on the same filesystem as GeoServer’s data directory, so sending it again in another HTTP transaction seemed like kind of a waste. I was hoping to find a way to just tell GeoServer to use the GeoTIFF in its current location, without the need to make a copy of the file.

I poked around in the source code for GeoServer’s REST extension and discovered that this behavior was indeed supported. It just wasn’t documented. A while ago I submitted some documentation additions which should make this clearer. This is a common use case, judging by the number of people who ask about this kind of thing on the GeoServer user’s mailing list. So, until my patch gets accepted and makes its way into the official GeoServer REST API docs, I thought I’d point it out for anyone searching for a way to get GeoServer to use GeoTIFFs which are outside the data directory.



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