Ganglia References

May 23, 2011 by alex

This is a collection of ganglia-related links I put together for an ‘Introduction to Ganglia’ presentation I’m doing for the Ruby Users of Minnesota.

General Info

  • Main project page:
  • Ganglia wiki:
  • Details on new features in the upcoming gweb (ganglia PHP UI) 2.0 release :
  • gmond.conf man page. Lots of helpful configuration info:

Live Demo



  • Getting started with RRD:
  • More help defining RRD files:
  • A little more about how RRD works with Ganglia:

Custom Metrics

  • Repositories for various kinds of custom metric scripts:
  • Libs for embedding gmetric in your application (but not ruby, see below), as well as more information on the gmetric protocol:
  • Using ganglia + Ruby:
  • Ruby lib for making gmetric calls:

Metrics via log parsing

  • ganglia-logtailer:
  • Example usage for ganglia-logtailer:
  • Logster:

Custom Graphs


Ganglia/Nagios Integration

  • Nagios script for watching ganglia metrics:
  • More info on how this works:
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