My good friend Pete and I did some wilderness kayaking along the northern shore of Lake Superior back in June 2014.

I always come back from these trips with lots of photos and lots of maps, but I often feel like the two are hard to connect to each other. I hope this presentation helps you get a more immediate sense of where we were and what the places look like.

This map spent several months leaking slowly out of my head into digital reality, and I really hope you enjoy the (mostly) finished product.

The code that I used to generate this map is posted on my GitHub account.

Each colored line represents 1 segment of GPS data. (A ‘segment’ is basically a continuous track, from the time the GPS was turned on until it was turned off again.) There are gaps in the places where I had the GPS turned off or where the batteries died, but roughly each segment represents 1 day’s progress.

I used data from my GPS receiver to geotag these photos for display. There are a few oddities I should probably correct, but I’m lazy. You will find a few photos which seem out-of-place for various reasons. Camera clocks were out of sync with the GPS and the GPS wasn’t turned on 100% of the time.

All-in-all I really like this way of presenting photos and plan to use this approach again in the future.